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I did a scene in my acting class last night. It’s an on camera class so each time I have a minor freakout about how my hair looks on the screen and whether my voice really sounds like that. It does but I pretend it doesn’t. One day I’ll have a voice that sounds older than a seven year old girls and one day I’ll get used to on camera acting. Which is part of the reason why I chose the on camera class. It went well, I got compliments from the instructor but it wasn’t good enough for me. I can’t keep any amount of space clean for a day but when I’m performing I guess my perfectionist streak comes out. Overall, I love the class and am happy to be in it. I feel so energized during and after the class.

Today, I’ve been working on some writing. I’m more comfortable with creative writing so I don’t worry about it being perfect because I have confidence in my abilities. I can’t edit but I love writing other than that. But I realized I have two stories where someone gets attacked at a dinner table. Which has led me to researching the easiest common household knife to stab someone with. I hope no one is secretly checking my internet records.

Now, I have no plans but to relax on the couch and watch my Tuesday night TV shows, starting with Glee. I think the quality has gone down since the beginning but as long as Brittany and Santana are on the show then I’m watching it.


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