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Polar Bear!

My goal was to post on this blog “more often” though I guess that term is open to my interpretation. Since it’s been like two weeks, I suppose it should be pretty easy to meet that goal at this point. I was going to write about some adventures I’ve had over the past few weeks like the Grouplove concert I went to (amazing) or the college basketball championships (not as amazing), but then I saw this:

This man, who apparently has some type of  background training bears, has a polar bear for a pet that he swims with. I may have to discretely delete this post a year from now when that polar bear turns against him, but right now all I can think is “awwww.”

If I were ever crazy enough to think I could own a wild animal for a pet, then I would get an ocelot. I have wanted an ocelot ever since I knew what an ocelot was. Which animal would you choose?

Deutsch: Ozelot (Leopardus pardalis) English: ...

Photo credit: Wikipedia


Comments on: "Polar Bear!" (2)

  1. That ocelot is too precious for words! I love cats.

    I used to love to see the polar bears at the local zoo, but they have since died. They are preparing a new more humane area for some new polar bears they will be getting as well as the other bears. In northern Manitoba, (Canada) they have polar bear tours, which I would love to try, one of these days. Also, they have whale-watching tours. A friend took a group of Pathfinders (Girl Guides) up there and said it was amazing. They went out in a small Kodiak and the mother whales were pushing their little ones towards them as though to introduce them. That would be so cool! 🙂

  2. Both the whale watching and polar bear tours sound exciting, especially since the whales seem so friendly. I can’t say we have anything fun like that here in the Midwest.

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