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Spring or any other type of cleaning

My goal on Saturday was to tidy up my room. By tidy up, I mean all of my clothes seemed to have exploded from my drawers and were now lying on my floor. And anywhere not covered by clothes was filled with papers. It’s embarrassing to say how messy I am, but I had four beer bottles hidden in my room. It might have been fun if they were full, but it was like a sad and disappointing scavenger hunt when they’re not. I used to think I was a complete slob and I probably still am. To some degree though, I think some of my behavior can now be explained by the ADHD.

It seems like it takes me years to get a room clean, or it would if I followed through. I’ll try for a second but I can’t continue so I turn the TV on to help me. Then a small corner of my room gets cleaned and I end up watching a whole season of Arrested Development in a day. Or I just can’t figure out how to organize and then anything else will happen, and I will devote all my attention to that fascinating thing and forget about cleaning. Or there are moments when I get focused and in the zone and almost my whole room and bathroom get cleaned until I get burned out and have no will to clean at all for the next few weeks and then everything has gotten messy once again.

I’m not averse to being neat. I’ve always been able to clean when I’m being paid to. When I’ve cleaned at various jobs the only choice was to clean or be terribly bored, but there’s too many distractions at home. One tip I read was to spend ten minutes a day doing the tough jobs that you can never get done. This is good in theory but once I get busy it’s hard to keep it up every day.

So I had the whole on Saturday to get things clean. I managed to wash all my clothes. There’s still some that need to be folded but I managed to get most of them. I even got rid of some clothes I never wear anymore, like the t-shirt from sixth grade that I still had even though I can’t even pretend it fits me anymore. The season of TV I watched this time was Black Books, which isn’t terrible considering the season is only six episodes. My family was also cleaning and getting rid of stuff because they’re moving soon. Well I guess we’re all moving but they’re going to a smaller town where my dad got a job at and I’m staying here and mooching off friends and family as much as possible.

We were all making progress. Me in my room, my mom packing items, and my dad was using some fancy carpet washing/cleaning thingy. My father finished cleaning his office while I went into the laundry room to switch out a load of darks. Some stuff from his office had been moved into the laundry room. There was a trashcan on top of an office chair and the broom was across the chair in front of the trashcan. I started rolling the chair back into his office and somehow the broom fell down and got caught into the legs of the chair and the trashcan went pitching forward. Normally there’s just papers in the trashcan but because of the intensive carpet cleaning there was a huge mound of gray dust that embedded itself into the still drying carpet.

So it seems even when I take a step forward, I still end up making a mess. But on the bright side, I did get the opportunity to learn how to use a carpet cleaner thingy on Saturday.

Aspiration: I’ve been trying to learn Spanish so I need to pick that up again.

Are you a neat freak? Or do you dread cleaning? Either way, any tips?


Small Progress and Small Bugs

The little things matter. I didn’t get started until ten today. When that happens I tend to berate myself and feel like I wasted the day. Today, I made the best of it. I started writing anyway, even got a bit of freelancing done. I did a load of laundry. Sure right now I’m distracted by the Big Bang Theory, but I’m only watching a half hour of it before I do some more writing. And I’m getting this blog post done.

A lot of the time I feel like I’m taking too long to get things finished or I don’t accomplish as much I wanted to. I have to accept that it might take me more time to do things then it takes others. That I do those things is what is important.

The small things matter, and here’s an example I found while going through the sporadic journal I’ve been trying to keep for a while. In the summer I wrote that I saved a grasshopper from the obliteration it would have found under my uncles shoes. While everyone else screamed about the bug, I grabbed my empty water glass and a broom and took it safely outside.

English: A grasshopper at the fort
I save bugs whenever I see them in the house. I’m not a pro at it. It’s a safe bet that while everyone else was screaming about the bug, I was too. At least they have a small house. When I see a spider in my bathroom I have to run down a flight of stairs. I have a spider in a cup and a flimsy piece of paper over it, and I shriek all the way. Bugs scare me, I hate them being in the house but I would never squash one. I plead with them to just get in the cup while I make nervous noises anytime they move closer.  It’s a little thing but I refuse to kill them. Even though it could be agrued that I scare them to death when I fling them out into my yard, I won’t squish them. My family and friends laugh at me and say the bugs don’t matter. But they do to me. If I can put the effort into saving bugs I don’t like, even when I’m scared, surely I can do the same with my own life. I can do the things that frighten me, I can put effort into the small things. Even if it doesn’t seem like I’m doing much, if it matters to me then that’s whats important.

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