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One Step Closer To Moving Out

So, my parents are moving. They aren’t making progress. Part of that may be my fault. I can only manage to keep everything off my floor for a few days at a time, or at least it’s after a few days that I realize that somehow all of my clothes are on the floor again. Or are still on the floor. I’m not really sure. I’ve been told that people who look at the house aren’t allowed to snoop in our stuff so I plan to throw everything in my dresser and nightstand as soon as we have an open house. It’s the same strategy I employ when we host family gatherings. There are also a million little details I don’t even notice that are apparently essential to selling a house. Okay, I get why we redid the laundry room. It’s been torn up since we tried to keep our first dog in there overnight. Re-grouting the tile floors are the current project and I can’t say I ever even noticed anything was wrong with them to begin with. Or why we needed to paint certain ceilings again. Or why the house can stay bright yellow but my room had to be painted a different green. I feel like I’m living in a Girl Scout Uniform now.

I don’t really get anything that’s going on with the sale of the house. Right now it looks like I’ll be moving out before they sell the house. I am trying not to focus on how much rent I could save by staying a couple extra months. Instead, I am reminding myself how excited I am to move. And I am so thrilled. Not with the actual moving process but I want an apartment, added costs and all.

I went apartment hunting for the first time on Saturday. I realized two things. One: I should not do important things like find an apartment hungover. I went through most of it in a daze and I spent all the time between apartments sleeping. This is the awful KU games fault, so maybe the solution is for them not to lose anymore. I don’t think I asked the right questions, not that I would have known which questions to ask anyway, and I was very lackluster. But as long as they didn’t know I was actually hungover maybe they preferred that to someone who seemed rowdy. The second thing I realized is that I should not be apartment hunting. I didn’t know the right questions to ask and I didn’t care. I wanted somewhere cheap and clean. I know there are tons of apartment horror stories, but I can live almost anywhere and I’m not picky. We’re in a safe area, its a convenient location, and we might be getting a cat. What more do I need? Sophomore year our suite living room had a hole in it. Right in the wall by the door. I kind of liked our weird eyesore because it showed how truly crappy those suites were. One of the parents fixed it though, and we got a fine for that at the end of the year.

We went to the cheapest apartment and I pretty much made up my mind. It wasn’t as fancy as some of the others but it was cute, it had enough room, and it was way cheap. Its my roommate who is more discerning. She was also more hungover. She missed apartment hunting all together and I can’t say she missed much. However, I did heavily plug my favorite place and even she was pleased by the price. On the bright side if my parents are still here when I move out I can come over and visit my dogs. As cheap as I am, they’d still be the main reason I came over. Maybe I’d eat some of the food when I’m over but I’d still play with them more.


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