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The Editing Process or “Hey look whats on TV!”

I can come up with ideas easily. Oftentimes I have more ideas than I can deal with and they all rush through my head as I race to write them down before I forget them. I can write a story, but I’ve never been an editor. That’s probably readily apparent in the blog posts I’ve written so far. I just don’t have the patience for it and I don’t really care. This was disturbingly common among the English majors I knew. We were all supposed to have this grasp of the language, yet we couldn’t find anyone who really liked grammar or editing to help us with our own papers.

I’m in the editing phase now. So naturally I’m writing a blog about the editing process rather than go through the editing process myself. I’ve been at a standstill since yesterday. But I’m determined to do it so instead of not just getting this finalized, I also haven’t accomplished anything else because I’m adamant about getting somewhere on this first.

There’s a local competition for women screenwriters with a small fee and I’m entering just for the hell of it. It makes me feel accomplished; I want to start entering contests and feeling like I’m making some sort of progress even if the only thing I’ll have to show for myself is rejection letters.

Because the editing process is hard enough for me, my computer has decided to add to the difficulty. It does this thing where it thinks it’s at a rave and the screen flashes black and white a lot before it freezes. Then I have to wiggle the screen back and forth until the picture becomes clear again. It’s kind of like an etch a sketch where I clear away the picture until it reverts to normal.  I need to send it in while it’s still under warranty because it needs a new battery too. I haven’t had it that long but it was bought solely because it was cheap so it probably not a high tech model.

I wanted to finish editing on a different computer in case mine permanently spazzes out. The software I wrote the short on is not compatible with anything else. Not even with itself. I tried just downloading the software on another computer and opening the document but it won’t accept its own product.

I watch a lot of TV but I don’t just randomly turn it on unless there’s a show I like. But whenever I’m procrastinating, everything on TV is suddenly fascinating. Today I was sidetracked by the One Hit Wonders of the 90’s on VH1. I told myself this was productive because maybe I’d remember some songs I loved and add them to my music collection. But Lou Bega or Billy Ray Cyrus probably won’t be on my playlist anytime soon. Who knows though, I did love Mambo Number 5.

Basically, I’m now at the ‘fuck it’ point where my piece seems good to me, or at least good enough and I just want to be done it. But I’m writing this post and then I’m going to go back and try to tackle it. Again.


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