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Geese, oh and Veronica Mars Is Smarter Than Me

Nature is trying to take over in the parking lot of the restaurant where I work. We have four geese that have made their nests in the lot and have started having babies. This seems adorable. And okay, it is to me. I pass them all the time and they’re cute from far away, even though they actually do sit pretty close to the front door at my work. Some of my coworkers throw things at them and chase them. This was how we learned that doing things like that was actually a felony. So either they’ll stop or get arrested, either outcome works for me. The hostess and I have become friends with the geese. Or as close to friends as I can be without getting too close to them.  I say hello, they don’t chase me, I go inside, and everyone wins. I don’t even really mind breaking for them when I drive away. However, I would like them better if they responded to my horn and actually moved out of the way. Someone called Animal Control today to move the geese because some great citizen tried to run over them with his car. We learned that because of An Important Law geese are protected and they can’t do anything to displace them. I guess I’ll be seeing my little friends more often.



As for me, I am slowly becoming more productive and making money doing some freelance writing. Also, my day job at the restaurant was pleasant if not lucrative, and I’d almost say I’ve had a productive day. I would say it but last time I really felt like I was getting things done and making progress, I backslid majorly into a napping, procrastinating mess. Tonight I’m going to try to get some of my personal writing projects done and watch some of my favorite Tuesday night TV shows. I don’t know why Glee is one of my favorite Tuesday night TV shows, but it still is. And in watching the Veronica Mars reruns that are on Soapnet, I remembered why I fell in love with Max Greenfield from New Girl in the first place. I know everyone loved Logan but I was all about the cute deputy. Or the badass Latino biker. I still miss Weevil. Or okay, even Duncan Kane was kinda adorable. That show had a lot of attractive menfolk on it, which is another reason why it shouldn’t have been cancelled. I’m still hoping for a movie!


Eli "Weevil" Navarro

Eli "Weevil" Navarro (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Aspiring Couch Potato

I did a scene in my acting class last night. It’s an on camera class so each time I have a minor freakout about how my hair looks on the screen and whether my voice really sounds like that. It does but I pretend it doesn’t. One day I’ll have a voice that sounds older than a seven year old girls and one day I’ll get used to on camera acting. Which is part of the reason why I chose the on camera class. It went well, I got compliments from the instructor but it wasn’t good enough for me. I can’t keep any amount of space clean for a day but when I’m performing I guess my perfectionist streak comes out. Overall, I love the class and am happy to be in it. I feel so energized during and after the class.

Today, I’ve been working on some writing. I’m more comfortable with creative writing so I don’t worry about it being perfect because I have confidence in my abilities. I can’t edit but I love writing other than that. But I realized I have two stories where someone gets attacked at a dinner table. Which has led me to researching the easiest common household knife to stab someone with. I hope no one is secretly checking my internet records.

Now, I have no plans but to relax on the couch and watch my Tuesday night TV shows, starting with Glee. I think the quality has gone down since the beginning but as long as Brittany and Santana are on the show then I’m watching it.

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