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I feel so accomplished every time I post on my blog, but that feeling is usually short lived because before I know it I’ve gone weeks without writing here! I blame it on all the changes WordPress has made because I need an excuse. I’m sure the changes are fairly simple to comprehend but just because I come from a generation that is stereotypically supposed to understand technology and the internet doesn’t mean I do. When I move out of my families house (in a month!), it’s going to be me that’s calling my father asking how to turn on gadgets and fix the computer, not the other way around.

My original plan after slacking off was a well defined “post more often”. Then I got too ambitious and decided I should try to blog every day, as I’ve seen some bloggers do. This is my ideal goal because I think it’d be great to post everyday even if it was something small and I’d get to see what the people I’m subscribed to are up to every day. I’m going to be realistic and officially set a goal to blog every other day. This shouldn’t be too daunting so hopefully I’ll be able to manage it. See you Thursday!

Is blogging easy for you? If so, share your secrets with me. Please.



I wonder if there is a secret truck hierarchy I know nothing about. I thought about this today as a truck bigger than mine, working for some company, drove by me. I was behind another car going slowly but was content enough not to pass it and my exit was coming up.

When the truck passed me the driver didn’t give me a look like he was mad at the slow pokes in the right lane. He looked disappointed in me. I wondered if I had some responsibility to him as a fellow truck driver. And since my truck is always the smallest on the road, I’d  always be at the bottom of the totem pole.

I don’t really like driving a truck. Mine is 15 years old and instead of power steering it has power assisted steering.  I hate backing up and I am not the type of person that should drive a white car, or I should start caring about cleaning it. The trucks name is Louise because at one point my father had a label maker for his job and I labeled everything. I didn’t even notice it was still there until I gave a friend a ride and she asked who Louise was.

I do like the looks I get from other truck drivers, or any drivers, who spot a girl that looks like she could have just got her learners permit driving a small, but I guess still manly, truck. Some people try to hit on me when they see me driving, which is not very effective but they wink or roll down the window. I drive faster in those cases. But the shocked faces, I like those.


Today’s aspiration: I’ve been wanting to learn how to salsa dance for a while, so I’m going to look into that further today.

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