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Musical Sunday

I woke up this morning and had little else to do but surf the internet since I cannot touch anything in the house. The house gets shown on the weekends so we try to keep everything pristine. It’s driving me a little crazy. Most of my stuff is thrown in boxes in the garage or the basement. So I caught up on what happened during the week with Jezebel and the Hairpin. I seemed to be drawn to the more shallow articles though.

First, I saw the video to Part Of Me by Katy Perry that has been playing on the radio recently. I recognized it because it is the only Katy Perry song in recent memory that I don’t automatically change the station on. I liked Hot n’ Cold and… that’s about it. And maybe I fell in love with her cover Use Your Love and insisted that it be played at least twice during every road trip we took in college. She’s more toned down in this video but still crazy. She plays a woman who broke up with her boyfriend and naturally decides to get back at him to show female empowerment or something. So there’s a bunch of shots of her being strong and firing guns, and then dancing and twirling under a flag. Like all marines do. I wonder if any video about the army or the marines can just be an uplifting story about armed services without seeming like a propaganda video. Probably not, at least in this case. Though getting members to enlist because their significant other broke up with them is a new tactic. Still, I didn’t really hate the video. I liked Katy Perry without crazy colored hair and a lot of makeup. Plus yes, the flag dancing looked fun.

Then to delve deeper into saccharine pop music, I discovered this song:

Or Justin Bieber discovered it I guess, then much later I did. I am such a fan of Bieber that I didn’t even know how to spell his name. I went to youtube and typed in “J” and it was the first option. If I can still like Selena Gomez despite her affiliation with JBeebs, then I think this girl is safe too. It is kind of a terrible song though. I’m going to listen to it a lot.

Finally, I learned Jessie J was turning 24. As in the age I am. I always do that thing where I compare what famous people my age have accomplished to what I’ve done, and then I get a headache. Not that I know what Jessie J has accomplished besides being on the MTV awards once and having a song I can’t stand. But I’m still pretty sure it’s more than what I’ve done with my life so far. Yet somehow I’m not that disappointed, I’m mostly just wondering what the J in her name stands for.

What are your favorite pop songs?


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