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Politics. Yay.

My parents are tea partiers. While they still claim the independent status they’ve had since I was young, they are more right wing than I have ever seen them. It started with the last election. My mother used to listen to Rush Limbaugh but would be likely to be vote democrat because her whole career was spent working at a union job. Then Obama came on the scene, and we haven’t had a day without Fox News since. At least Glennie finally left the network, and I only have to hear him lauding the praises of gold when I’m occasionally home in the mornings. He was replaced with a program called The Five, which has one liberal and that liberal wears suspenders. So overall, a huge improvement.

My parents have always leaned socially conservative while I’m socially liberal. I can’t pinpoint when or how this happened but I remember urging them to vote for Clinton over Dole when I was nine. They view liberalism as a phase people grow out of when they get money. We have radically different views now and in some areas we’ve probably differed for a long time. I guess we deal with this by making politics a joke when we can. My parents admitted from the get go they would vote for anyone but Obama. My dad said he would vote for a dead cat over Obama, which started the largely unknown but valiant Dead Cat 2012 campaign. We want to make t-shirts. My only stipulation was that we couldn’t kill the cat, we had to find it dead. This is gross but doesn’t offend my delicate hippie sensitivities.

So, we have different politics. And lately I’ve largely been staying out of politics all together. I almost majored in political science in college but I haven’t been paying as much attention as I used to since then. I watched five or six of the 73 Republican presidential debates but by the second one much of what they said blended together.

This meant I didn’t know much about Rick Santorum before last weekend. Well, I know I disagree with his social policies. And that the Duggars love him. I still decided to go see him when he stopped in Kansas last week. I never go to any of my parent’s tea party or Republican events even though they do hold some strange fascination for me. While Santorum being president scares me, he is still in the running, so I suppose I just wanted to see a real presidential candidate up close. Then again, I would have much preferred meeting Michelle Obama the night before, but of course my mother didn’t mention that one until the First Lady already left.

I still don’t know much about Santorum now.  His speech only talked about him in the most general terms and contained a lot of warnings about what would happen if someone else became president. It was probably the generic speech he gave everywhere and even my mom started rolling her eyes when he got too dramatic. She still voted for him in the caucus, but at least I had someone to giggle with every time he used hyperbole.


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