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My Favorite Christmas Movie

I was in the mood for my favorite Christmas movie the other day. I don’t know if Hook is technically a Christmas movie, but there’s snow in it and they always seem to show it around this time. After watching Neverland, I especially wanted to see it.

I love Robin Williams. When other girls were developing obsessions with the Backstreet Boys or Ben Affleck, it was all about Robin Williams for me. Okay, I started liking him when I was around five so the Backstreet Boys weren’t around, so New Kids? I don’t even know. I can’t recall what started my affinity for him, probably Hook or Mrs. Doubtfire. I do remember bringing Mrs. Doubtfire into daycare for us all to watch, but it got turned off within the first five minutes because it was inappropriate.

Hook is wonderful. I love each and every lost boy and I chant Rufio every time. It’s one of my favorite movies. Also, it has Tinkerbell. I used to get called Tinkerbell a lot. One year in college we thought about being Disney Princesses for Halloween. She’s not actually a  princess but everyone automatically picked me to be Tinkerbell. She’s tiny and feisty and I like green. I was also her for Halloween a few times when I was younger. That year though, we picked the Spice Girls and I experienced my first slutty girl costume for Halloween. In my defense, I didn’t see how it was possible to not reveal a little skin as Posh Spice.

When I watched Hook recently, I realized there was another character whose description I fit. I used to be Tinkerbell and now I’m Captain Hook. When the ticking of Jack’s watch started on Hook’s boat I thought ‘wow that would be annoying’ just as Hook started going crazy because of the sound. He can’t stand the ticking noise, and okay that’s related to how he lost a hand but otherwise we’re pretty similar. I took joy in them going into a clock store and breaking all the clocks.

I can’t stand ticking clocks. If they’re in a room, I notice them. And if I notice them, I can’t stop noticing them. I can’t sleep if they’re in the same room as me, I can’t concentrate. I used to study in our suites common room in college and later someone would go in there and say “Nicole where is the clock?” because I always hid it somewhere I wouldn’t have to hear it, usually under the couch cousins. I think people only sat on it a few times.

So, that’s my bit of perspective for the day. I used to be a fairy princess and now I’m a pirate. Actually, as long as I can keep my hand then I can handle that.


First Screenwriters Meeting

I went to my first screenwriters meeting last night. There were two other people there and one of them wasn’t a screenwriter. As a man arrived, I was finding out information about the group from the member who was there. She mentioned there wasn’t normally a low turnout, and he commented that the same thing happened with his robotics club. Being a terrible person, I thought to myself ‘nerd’, but then again I suppose I meant it as a compliment. If I understood anything about robots I’d probably be one of those people that builds the fighting ones that have hammers for hands.  I think those exist, or at least I’m pretty sure one did on TV.

This man wanted someone to make a movie about his recent experiences. He described himself as a normal person who, wanting to take a risk, entered a series of challenges that involved robots and big prize money. However, he never won any of the contests. He spent a huge amount of money, well huge in my eyes, financing his team and almost lost his home. He did have an interesting story and was very enthused about telling it and making a movie.

I do not know anything about science, or robots. A majority of what he said went over my head, though I was pretty intrigued by one of the competitors he mentioned. They were a group of college kids who, in addition to the challenge requirements, had their robot also play beer pong. He saw that as pretty disgraceful so I didn’t say anything. I admired him though. He had a normal life and suddenly everything in it was consumed with robots. They had to use his house, his equipment, his money for the whole project. And here he is, telling more people that might not understand and think he’s weird about his robot story.  Sometimes it amazes me when people can so easily be themselves.

Sometimes I still have a problem being comfortable around strangers; it can take me a while to warm up to people. But this served as my reminder for the night. You like what you like, just embrace it. If a man can walk up to two strangers and start animatedly telling them about his adventures building robots, it’s okay to let yourself be whoever you want to be too.

And overall, the night was a success. The other writer there offered to take a look at my script, so I’ll be happy to get feedback from her.

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