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I learn all my lessons from TV shows.

The days where I get ten hours of sleep are not the ones where I’m most rested. It’s only ten here and I’m already yawning and thinking about how comfortable my bed is. I sat down to write a blog post (two days in a row!), but I’d rather be sleeping. On days like this I wonder where the time went. I feel like I didn’t get much accomplished today and that’s because I didn’t.  I have trouble focusing on one task, so my days are usually a jumble of half finished projects and wasted time. I guess all I can do is think of the positives. I received two free meals today (food would be where my mind goes first), it was a beautiful day outside, and I made plans to have lunch with a good friend tomorrow. Normally at the end of a lackluster day, I hope I can get my act together tomorrow, focus, and get some work done. Tonight, I am not hoping. I am determined to make tomorrow better.

Here’s a simple quote from Cougar Town that has been applicable to my life lately: “Nothing you really want in life ever works out, unless you’re in one hundred percent.”

But maybe Ron Swanson said it best:



Sophomore year I lived in an igloo. I was in a suite with seven other girls, which was a nightmare of its own, and my roommate and I lived in the coldest room. All the other girls had lofted beds and all the other girls were bossier than us. Which meant the temperature was normally kept around 60 or 65 because their rooms were always too hot. They told us heat rises, so we should loft our beds. This led to us standing on our beds and desks and raising our hands as high as we could to feel the air at the top of our room. Still cold. Though that probably wasn’t very scientific.

We both slept with as many blankets as we could. I brought them from home, I stole them from the common room, and my friends in a warmer room made me a blanket. I think the most I had was eight blankets. It helped a little. In the winter we learned our window was letting massive amounts of cold air in, along with snow. It actually snowed a few times in our dorm room, right over my roommates bed. And of course the college didn’t do anything about it. Junior year our door could be opened without a key if pushed and the campus didn’t do anything until we had our parents call and complain. One of the things college is supposed to do is teach you to be an adult or some shit like that but we learned we could get anything done fast if the people who had the money complained. That’s probably a good lesson too. But sophomore year I hid under blankets and adjusted the thermostat when no one was looking.

My roommate put something on the window to seal it and that kept the snow out but it never did anything for temperature. Once I left that room, I was used to having so many blankets. I liked the weight of them and how comfortable it feels to snuggle underneath all the covers. Today I have six blankets, including the garish orange and green one with some kind of jungle print that my friends made for me. At least it’s warm.

The blanket. I'm the Forbidden Forrest for a Harry Potter showing.


I decided instead of just observing people, I’m going to work on all the five senses so

Heard: The oscillating blades of a fan before I opened my eyes this morning. I can’t sleep with ambient noises so it’s my cheap noise canceller, though I don’t normally notice it in the morning.

What quirks do you have while sleeping? Do you use a million pillows, do you sleep diagonally, or something else?

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