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My Favorite Christmas Movie

I was in the mood for my favorite Christmas movie the other day. I don’t know if Hook is technically a Christmas movie, but there’s snow in it and they always seem to show it around this time. After watching Neverland, I especially wanted to see it.

I love Robin Williams. When other girls were developing obsessions with the Backstreet Boys or Ben Affleck, it was all about Robin Williams for me. Okay, I started liking him when I was around five so the Backstreet Boys weren’t around, so New Kids? I don’t even know. I can’t recall what started my affinity for him, probably Hook or Mrs. Doubtfire. I do remember bringing Mrs. Doubtfire into daycare for us all to watch, but it got turned off within the first five minutes because it was inappropriate.

Hook is wonderful. I love each and every lost boy and I chant Rufio every time. It’s one of my favorite movies. Also, it has Tinkerbell. I used to get called Tinkerbell a lot. One year in college we thought about being Disney Princesses for Halloween. She’s not actually a  princess but everyone automatically picked me to be Tinkerbell. She’s tiny and feisty and I like green. I was also her for Halloween a few times when I was younger. That year though, we picked the Spice Girls and I experienced my first slutty girl costume for Halloween. In my defense, I didn’t see how it was possible to not reveal a little skin as Posh Spice.

When I watched Hook recently, I realized there was another character whose description I fit. I used to be Tinkerbell and now I’m Captain Hook. When the ticking of Jack’s watch started on Hook’s boat I thought ‘wow that would be annoying’ just as Hook started going crazy because of the sound. He can’t stand the ticking noise, and okay that’s related to how he lost a hand but otherwise we’re pretty similar. I took joy in them going into a clock store and breaking all the clocks.

I can’t stand ticking clocks. If they’re in a room, I notice them. And if I notice them, I can’t stop noticing them. I can’t sleep if they’re in the same room as me, I can’t concentrate. I used to study in our suites common room in college and later someone would go in there and say “Nicole where is the clock?” because I always hid it somewhere I wouldn’t have to hear it, usually under the couch cousins. I think people only sat on it a few times.

So, that’s my bit of perspective for the day. I used to be a fairy princess and now I’m a pirate. Actually, as long as I can keep my hand then I can handle that.


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